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亚博体彩买球:相亲失败: 华为不再对美国市场感兴趣

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本文摘要:Huawei has given up its quest to conquer the market for telecoms network equipment in the US, where the Chinese company’s sales efforts have been blocked by security fears.华为早已退出吞并美国电信网络设备市场的希望。


Huawei has given up its quest to conquer the market for telecoms network equipment in the US, where the Chinese company’s sales efforts have been blocked by security fears.华为早已退出吞并美国电信网络设备市场的希望。由于美国方面的安全性忧虑,华为在美国的销售受到妨碍。

“We are not interested in the US market any more,” Eric Xu, executive vice-president, said at the company’s analyst meeting yesterday. The world’s second-largest supplier of network gear by revenue has shifted the focus of expansion away from the US over the past year.华为继续执行副总裁徐直军(Eric Xu)昨天在公司的分析师会议上说道:“我们早已对美国市场仍然感兴趣。”过去的一年中,华为早已将扩展焦点移往出有美国。按营收计,华为是全球第二大网络设备供应商。US security officials and politicians have repeatedly identified Huawei as a threat to US national security – an allegation that the Chinese company has denied.美国安全性官员和政治家仍然指出华为对美国国家安全性构成威胁,而华为坚称这一指控。



Although Huawei has done business with 45 of the world’s top carriers, it failed to get contracts from any leading operators in the US.尽管华为早已与全球45个顶级运营商开展业务,却没与美国任何主要运营商达成协议合约。In October, a US congressional report officially branded Huawei and ZTE, its smaller Chinese peer, a threat to national security.去年10月,美国国会的一份报告月给华为和中兴(ZTE)张贴上“国家安全性威胁”的标签。Despite its success in other markets, including the UK, Huawei has struggled in the US for years because of concerns among politicians and security officials about the military background of its founder Ren Zhengfei, a former People’s Liberation Army officer.尽管在还包括英国在内的其他市场取得了顺利,由于美国政治家和安全性官员对华为创始人任正非军方背景的忧虑,华为在美国早已绝望了数年。


任正非以前是中国人民解放军的一名军官。In 2008, Huawei retracted a bid for 3Com, a US technology company, after it emerged that the proposed deal would not gain regulatory approval in Washington.2008年,华为中止竞购美国技术公司3Com,原因是交易无法取得华盛顿的监管批准后。Two years later, Huawei bid for a multibillion-dollar contract to supply network infrastructure to Sprint Nextel, one of the top US operators, but lost after Washington intervened.两年后,华为参予一项为美国主要运营商之一Sprint Nextel供应网络基础设施的数十亿美元合约的竞标,在华盛顿介入下失利。

In response to these and other setbacks, Huawei launched a US lobbying campaign. It also hired a number of senior executives from ailing rivals such as Nortel and Motorola, in an effort to build a massive US research and development presence and specifically target leading carriers such as AT and T, Verizon and Sprint. But October’s congressional report made it even more difficult for the company to do business in the US, Huawei executives say.为了应付种种挫折,华为在美国进行了游说活动。华为还从北电网络(Nortel)和摩托罗拉(Motorola)等境况不佳的输掉招揽了多名高级管理人员,主要是为了在美国创立大规模研发队伍,并把目标对准AT and T、Verizon以及斯普林特(Sprint)等主要运营商。但华为高管回应,美国国会去年10月的报告使得华为在美国开展业务更为艰难。

Huawei also yesterday revised downwards the outlook for its enterprise business, its youngest but fastest-growing division. William Xu, the unit’s chief executive, said its goal of generating $15bn in revenues from the business by 2017 – a target set just last year – was “too optimistic”. The company is now aiming for $10bn.昨天,华为还上调了对企业业务部门的业绩预期,这是公司最年长、也是快速增长最慢的业务部。该部门总裁徐文伟(William Xu)指出,去年才制订的在2017年之前创收150亿美元的目标“过分悲观”。华为目前早已将这一目标调整为100亿美元。



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